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for clean energy materials

Optigon is reshaping how advanced materials and clean energy technologies are discovered, optimized, and deployed. We specialize in materials characterization and process inspection tools that are pushing the frontier of speed and automation for researchers and manufacturers.


Materials characterization and inspection made faster and easier 

Optigon provides a combination of high-speed measurement instruments and integrated data analysis software to simplify materials characterization and process inspection. Our flagship characterization solution is completely non-contact and uses a combination of spectroscopic measurement techniques to probe a given  material's electrical, chemical, and optical properties. With data acquisition rates  on the order of milliseconds, our system is uniquely designed for high-throughput applications like full-scale production lines and self-driving labs. Onboard data management and analysis software provides additional ease-of-use by delivering actionable insights on material quality and defects.


Interested in booking a demo or learning more? 

  • From fundamental research to manufacturing scale-up, our first line of products are purpose-built for metal halide perovskites. Rapidly probe material quality and device performance at every step of fabrication and unlock a holistic view of performance-limiting defects.

  • Access near real-time feedback on parameters related to current, voltage, and power output for a wide range of photovoltaic materials and architectures. Examples include single-junction and tandem silicon, cadmium telluride, and organics.

  • Assess battery film quality and identify defects at full roll-to-roll production speeds. Optigon's tools can be used to probe key properties ranging from film thickness, to deposition weight, and homogeneity.

  • Measure light-emitting materials and validate display products to ensure an optimal visual experience. Optigon’s tools can be used to evaluate display metrics such as brightness, color, contrast, and uniformity.

  • Looking for a custom solution or don't see your use case listed here? Reach out to to discuss material compatibility, schedule a demo, or learn more about ways Optigon can support your metrology needs.


Built for the modern research lab and manufacturing line

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